The State of Clear

I wouldn’t usually be the type of person who takes a seat on a public bench when somebody else is already seated there to work, but the park was quite crowded and I had been walking around looking for an empty table for too long. I noticed that someone had pulled two of the park-benches together. A woman was sitting at one that was dark in colour, and I decided that it would be OK to sit down at the lighter one adjoined to it – she seemed as if she wouldn’t be easily disturbed.

The sun was extremely bright - it was reflecting off of the pale paint to such an extent that reading was nearly impossible. The woman must have noticed this - she explained to me that she’d moved over to the darker bench for just the same reason, the glare was in her eyes.

She was impeccably presented, wearing a light blue suit jacket on with a white blouse underneath. They were so well tailored that I couldn't see a single crease. Laid out on the table were groups of white paper, stapled together at their corners. She was making annotations on the set directly in front of her. I noticed the black ink of her cursive handwriting in-between the straight lines of the printed text. Initially she had seemed younger, but when I was sitting just across from her I got the impression that she was masking some of her age.

She spoke, telling me that I was welcome to join her on the darker bench. I gathered my things to move.
“What are you reading?” she asked.
I told her that it was a coursebook, philosophy – that I was a student. She looked at me inquiringly. I felt as if I needed to say something else, make a polite gesture; “What about yourself?” I asked, “Are you editing something?”
“Solo Auditing,” she said.
Her reply seemed to call for further questioning, so I asked her what exactly ‘solo auditing’ involved.
She placed her pen down on the table and, with her right hand, lightly touched a gold bracelet on her left wrist.
“I’m an OT,” she explained, “In the church of scientology it stands for ‘Operating Thetan.’”
I was a little shocked. I felt as if I ought to hide my intrigue - she was looking directly at me. Her gaze was unwavering and completely concentrated on my face. It was unsettling – I wasn’t prepared for being all of a sudden so present to somebody else’s awareness of me. I had spent the morning alone.

We continued to speak. She explained that somebody who is receiving Scientology ‘auditing’ is called a ‘preclear’. The Auditor is defined as one who listens, a minister or minister-in-training of the Church of Scientology. She told me that the title is derived from the Latin ‘audire’ meaning to hear or listen. A ‘preclear’ (as in pre-Clear) is a person who, through auditing, is finding out more about himself and life – without having yet reached the ‘State of Clear’. Clearing someone is erasing his reactive mind, she said. All the misery man experiences is contained in the reactive mind. When a person attains the state of Clear he is entitled to wear the Clear bracelet. She explained that the Clear bracelet is like hers, only silver instead of gold, and with a different insignia on it.

Each preclear is different, and the type and amount of auditing necessary to erase the reactive mind is unique to each person. A person loses all the fears, anxieties and irrational thoughts that were held down by pain in the reactive mind and, in short, regains himself when he goes Clear. A person is much, much more himself without a reactive mind.
“The full glory of the state of Clear has no comparable description in any literature existing in culture, religious or otherwise.” She gestured towards my philosophy texts. I wasn’t sure what to say. Luckily she continued without my response: The State of Clear has been long sought but was impossible to achieve until the researches and breakthroughs of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology. She emphasised that this state is entirely attainable and that, factually, many thousands of Scientologists all over the world are Clear, joined by more each day. The Clear person is able to undertake further steps in auditing by himself, becoming at the same time the auditor and the person being audited.
“This is Solo auditing,” she said, picking up her notes. “Having been freed of his reactive mind, the Clear person is then able to become refamiliarized with his native capabilities.
“Man is basically good. A being who is Clear becomes willing to trust himself with greater and greater abilities. For thousands of years, we have sought the state of complete spiritual freedom from the endless cycle of birth and death, a state of full awareness, memory and ability - as a spirit independent of the flesh. By eradicating the reactive mind in ‘clearing’ we not only achieve an erasure of the seeming evil in man, we also overcome the barriers which made it so difficult to attain total spiritual independence and serenity. At the level of Operating Thetan, one deals with the individual’s own immortality as a spiritual being.
“As a thetan, I deal with myself in relationship to eternity; not the eternity that lies behind me, but the eternity which lies ahead. The Solo auditor uses communication drills, adapted to this level of skill - enabling him to rise into the realm of OT.”

I still had no idea how to respond. She paused again, before beginning to explain why auditing is necessary. She told me that the ability to communicate is one of the most fundamental abilities of any being. I found myself reflecting upon whether I thought this was true. She must have sensed that it interested me, “You are still young,” she said, “and this ability to communicate too often fades throughout the course of living. Along with their ability to communicate, auditing expands a person’s being, freeing him, in his own estimation, from any blocks –and restoring the ability to communicate to anyone, about any subject.
“And with the ability to communicate comes the joy of associating freely with others. It can literally bring one to new states of existence.”

At that exact moment I remembered my dream from the previous night. I remembered feeling the presence of something overwhelmingly beautiful, and then noticing absolute silence. I thought about whether there was ever really any sound in dreams – perhaps the silence was only there because I decided that there was beauty, and no sound.

The woman was still speaking to me, and somehow I thought I could hear a silence at the same time. Some words, some silence – an alternation. Her voice took on a patterned effect. There was nothing underneath her breath, just the sounds that the words made.
“It’s a true religion,” she said, “nothing in Scientology need be taken on faith, all of its truths are self-evident, its principles are easily demonstrable and its technology can be seen at work in any church of Scientology. One need only open the door and step through.”

August 2009

Information and excerpts relating to Scientology taken from, ‘Scientology Auditing’, http://www.auditing.org/