Special campaign public preview event.
I:project space, Beijing

Warm season collection effects a meditation on dress sense and the myriad interpretations of WEAR at this definitive moment in time.

This collection preview was also the launch of the seasonal lookbook produced with Jeff Yui, and XAMPUSS15TV premiering a music video produced for legendary Chengdu rappers HIGHER BROTHERS.

Clothing collection, XAMPUSS15TV video reel projection, live Kenny G saxophone performance by Brian Hinman

Higher Brothers - Ma$iwei, Ps¥.P, DZ, Melo, Lana Larkin and CDC - Chengdu Rap House
Video host: Mario Duyuchen
Newsreader: Curtis Mclean
Music: Vanity
Lookbook in collaborations with Jeff Yiu
Produced with the generous support of I:project space and the Asia New Zealand Foundation.