Wild Kingdom, 2013.

Digital film projection [15m 29s], 35mm color slide projection, steam-curved oak furniture, mirrors & glass, romantic sunset wall mural, Barometer [104 page book, first print edition of 30], imitation Makarov PM pistol, empty 9mm shell casings, tie-dye panties.

[Private link to full version available upon request]

At the centre of Wild Kingdom is a box-frame structure. In the film this box features as a panelled solid, moved by two men from one place to another. Once the Box leaves their apartment, a young couple find themselves with an acute sensitivity to particular nuances in their everyday surroundings.
In installation of the work, the box-frame is stripped of its panels, serving as a table unit and housing a digital projection, a 35mm slide projection [images of human skin re-photographed from print advertisements in extreme close-up] and other paraphernalia. Attached to the oak frame are two additional curvatures, bearing mirrors that deflect two strips of image at the upper and lower parts of the film frame - thus lending the image a softened widescreen cinematic aspect ratio, whilst the ‘offcuts’ of the moving image appear on a wall at the other side of the exhibition space.

First installed at Rundgang 13, Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Künste Städelschule, Frankfurt am Main.

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